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    Default May My Supervisor Terminate Me for Filing a Harassment Claim Against a Coworker

    My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: INDIANA

    I work for the county. A coworker is doing what she can to alienate me from others in the office by verbally attacking me. She gossips about me to coworkers, and to my supervisor. She tells every one any mistake I make, but most of what she says is false. The first time I brought it up to my supervisor, she met with the coworker, then tried to get us together. My coworker refused, explaining she couldn't even be in the same room, because she 'hated me,' which my supervisor accepted. I went to the office manager who is also a friend, and I was told, that according to the supervisor, the next person to bring it up would be fired. That could only be me. Last week I reached the end of my patience, went to H/R, and they arranged a meeting. When I got there my supervisor was in charge, the H/R person didn't say a word, and I was again threatened with termination. I do have evidence, and witnesses. My supervisor is not interested in what I have to say, what other people have to say, or any other details --- except for those from this coworker. She absolutely knows this abuse is going on --- every one in the office does, but she refuses to deal with it.

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    Default Re: May My Supervisor Terminate Me for Filing a Harassment Claim Against a Coworker

    Your employer may not fire you for filing a claim for illegal harassment. However, what your coworker is doing does not appear to be illegal harassment. For harassment to be illegal, it must be based specifically and directly on things like your race, gender, age (if you are over 40, disability and/or religion. Nothing in your post indicates that your coworker's behaviour is based on any of these things.

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