My son, age 13, was denied a social security card and number on 10 January 2020. We arrived at the local social security office and, after a wait, we applied for the social security card and number. We presented one US Passport, unexpired, issued 2018, one FS-240 Consular Report of Birth Abroad, issued 2018, and one certified original copy of a Peruvian birth certificate, emitted on 25 May 2006. According to the social security office, because my son is over 12, he must supply additional documents, one for each year of his life.

Such a policy is not reflected on the Social Security Administration website. So, I asked for the relevant portion of the US Code. I was told there wasn't one it is a policy. I asked for the policy details, but I was told that said details are not made public. I asked for the policy number or name, but this was also denied. I do not feel that I should be subject to any law not passed by my elected representatives. Similarly, I do not feel that I should be required to comply with some secret law the name and details of which are not revealed to me.

I could probably come up with some immunization records for my son, but I was told that each document is only good for 2 years maximum. So, immunizations from age 1-5 would only cover age 1 and 2. My son's Peruvian Documento Nacional de Identidad was emitted in 2009. My son was baptized in 2014. So, basically, I have 3 documents covering, at most 4 years, and must somehow come up with (fabricate??) documents covering the other 8-9 years.

What do I do?