My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Texas

I recently purchased a vehicle online from one of the popular online organization. When I received the vehicle it was missing a remote and a second key. I checked with the dealership and to replace those items it would cost me approximately $800.00. Prior to the purchase I had asked the salesperson if the vehicle had everything. He said yes. None of the information on the site stated that the vehicle had one key nor did it say that the remote was missing. When I contacted the organization they said that they would order another remote but that the vehicle only had one key. Furthermore, they stated that the information about the vehicle only having one key was on their parent site. There was nothing on the site I looked at that stated the vehicle only had one key. Also there was nothing that stated to see the parent site for further details. In subsequent communications with them they maintain that the information was on the other site and that their policy is only to provide one key. What standing do I have? I believe that because they did not inform me that there was only one key that they are obligated to provide it. The key and the programming would cost $500.00. The company is headquartered in Texas even though I am in South Carolina.