My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: Alabama

I am being advised to file for disability. The issue is, one I don't want to. And two, I have no disability whatsoever. I am being told that I am perceived as being a very depressed person and that I would be better off at home, drawing a check, because the workforce is not a good place for someone like me. This all very interesting to me. I have been in the workforce since 1993 with no gaps at all. Even when I was let go due to downsizing in 1997 and again in 2000, I was never out of work. I have been with my present employer since late 2000. Yet, now, I am being perceived as being so depressed that I don't need to be in the workforce. I don't get where any of this is coming from. If I am exhibiting any outward signs of depression, it is not affecting my work. I still show up for work and do my job just as I have always done. So, can someone be forced to file for disability? And, even if I did file (which I am not going to do), isn't that a long, drawn out process? And doesn't a disability have to be just that? An actual disability that disables? Honestly, this making me very uncomfortable. I don't get why such a recommendation is being made. I am not sure what is behind all of this. I haven't received any written reprimands or anything like that. My performance evaluations have all been very good. I have requested that my employer stop with this, but they haven't. I am documenting it each time. Is trying to encourage someone to file for disability (when they clearly have no disability that is preventing them from working) considered harassment?