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    I would like to develop a mobile application that makes it easier to make appointments with private individuals and doctors and dentists, similar to the existing solutions but with additional health information articles.

    I have the application on a technological level, but I decided to call one of my childhood friends who is currently studying interactive design in Tokyo, Japan to create the graphical interface and to think with me about the ergonomics of the application.

    I chose the name Doctora for the application and the name of the future company I want to create at the end of the month in Sydney, Australia.

    The questions I ask myself are the following:

    • What are the different laws applicable to my application?

    • What precautions do I need to take to be 100% owner of my application?

    • What means can I put in place to protect my application but also the services and data accessible to the application?

    • How can I protect my trademark with peace of mind?

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    Default Re: Advises for Creating a Mobile App

    This is also a US based board. You need to be talking to an Australian attorney.

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