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    Default Leaking Aortic Value Left Untouched for 8 Months

    My question involves malpractice in the state of: California
    My Mom was 62 years old.
    She had an Aortic Value replacement in 2014.

    March 2018
    was told she had leakage in her Aortic Value an Mitral Value. Chest pain.

    She was prescribed a medication called Lisinopril 5 mg
    Lisinopril is used to treat high blood pressure, to help a heart after a heart attack or a weak heart.

    and a medication Carvedilol 3.125mg

    Carvedilol is used for the same thing as above.

    I'm not sure why they was giving her both medications together . She didn't have a heart attack ?

    April 2018
    Heart Dr. said she has Congestive heart Failure

    May 2018
    Her primary Dr ordered 2 views of chest
    impression - Chronic Obstructive pulmonary Disease & Dyspnea

    June 2018
    Stress Test 6-27-18

    July 2018 Blood Pressure 119/28
    Acute renal injury due to Hypovolemia
    Hypovolemia is a decreased volume of blood circulating blood in the body

    She was told she had Cervical Stenosis of spine and would need neck surgery soon.

    August 2018 b/p 139/39
    Preventive exam b/p 125/55
    Echocardiogram exam

    notice my moms b/p is low not high

    September 2018
    9-13-18 / 9-16-18 admitted to hospital
    Pulmonary Embolism they said she was clogged 50 %. They went to take her to surgery but came back out shortly saying she wasn't clogged so they didn't perform the surgery. It is noted to be Medium Importance.

    They now prescribed a medication that's called Atorvastation
    Atorvastation says in rare cases the medicine can cause a condition that results in the breakdown of skeletal mussle tissue leading to kidney failure.

    My Mom is one of those rare cases.

    My moms primary doctor referred her to start physical therapy while waiting for neck surgery.

    9-20-18 /9-21-18 re admitted to hospital
    segment elevation non st heart attack b/pb 130/43 9-27-18 b/p 103/67

    Please keep in mind every month my mom is getting weaker and weaker

    Oct 2018 b/p 105/53
    Heart Doctor said my Mom was ok to have neck Surgery . I have the letter . That surgery was scheduled for Nov 3, 2018
    10-17-18 Mom went to E.R. room for stomach hurting, shortness of breath and neck pain . A nurse practitioner seen my mom because the was overly busy . He said my mom had anxiety so he prescribed her Lorazepam 1 mg
    Lorazepam put my mom into a coma for ten days. She wouldn't get up to eat or pee. I had to feed her and try to keep her awake to swallow.

    10-27-18 My mom took the ambulance to the E.R. room and she never came out.
    She went for vomiting.
    10-28-18 She had a heart attack and ended up in ICU

    10-31-18 and increase in the volume of ascites since the previous exam .
    their is fluid now surrounding the liver

    Silhouette of cardiac enlarged

    November 2018
    Nov 1st,2nd and 3rd chest xray's
    increase more so then on 10-31-18 lower r side

    11-11-18 My mom fell out of her bed and landed straight on her face. She hit so hard it popped out both of her catheters.

    11-18-18 They said my mom had 3 leaks now and was gonna do emergency surgery first thing in morning.

    My mom died at 12;03 am . She never made it to surgery.

    I fill the doctor made no effort to rule out to not fix my moms leaks in spite of the evidence
    what do you think ?

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    Default Re: Leaking Aortic Value Left Untouched for 8 Months

    I think you need to be talking to a malpractice attorney.

    And do it quickly before the cover up starts and records disappear.

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    Default Re: Leaking Aortic Value Left Untouched for 8 Months

    Was she in the hospital when she fell out of bed? If she was, were the side rails up on her bed ? I agree you need to talk to a attorney ASAP..

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