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They stayed with you until your BP was up so that if your BP crashed, they could transport you for life saving treatment. They cannot force you to go if you are mentally competent to refuse but if you were to crash and lose consciousness, they can take you. That would save them being called out again if you were to crash, as well as potentially saving your life. They were trying to convince you to go with them for the same reason. You are closer to life saving care if something were to happen and you crashed.

You don't have to be unconscious but you do have to be unable to competently refuse so drunk, high, sometimes head trauma etc... The fire department can ask the cops to do something but unless it's a major incident where an incident commander is established, it is just an ask. In most cases, officers will defer to the FD personnel for medical/fire issues but they are not legally required to.
You have no personal knowledge of what you are talking about. You just copy what others say and try to state it as fact.