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    Question Past Rental - Demand for Damages

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: NY

    A friend of mine rented an apartment for a couple of months in east coast US. The rental agreement specified two months notice.
    My friend and another roommate both lost their jobs and vacated the apartment without notice to the landlord.
    Now they have received legal notice to pay for the debt. No breakup of the debt has been provided.

    Can anyone clarify what is the recourse available to my friend:
    a. pay the amount demanded
    b. if the amount is paid, will it be considered as acceptance of guilt
    c. will there be additional claims if this amount is paid


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    Default Re: Past Rental - Demand for Damages

    They can negotiate a cash settlement and have the LL sign an agreement that the payment is full and final of a disputed amount with no admission of liability.

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