My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: CALIFORNIA

My family has lived in this apartment for 8 years. This is corporate landlord. I understand everyone claims to be a "good tenant" but we absolutely are. NO pets, no noise, no drama, rent paid promptly on the 31st etc. Our rents go up every year but this year I was informed that CAAB 1482 takes effect & we won't see a huge hike. I tried to read / understand CAAB 1482 but I am not the brightest crayon in the drawer and hoped someone could help me.

My lease is due for renewal on Mar 1 of every year. We usually get the renewal notice by Dec 15. This year, though, NOTHING. This concerns me. I am worried if the landlord - due to any rent control restrictions imposed by CAAB 1482 - could be plotting to not renew the lease and, instead, would ask us to move? I am worried because my elderly mother with cancer lives with us and cannot move too far from her oncologist / hospital. I am ok with the usual $100 - $200 rent increase because moving is not an option for my family at this time. How do I approach the landlord? Pls advice.

Also, my neighbor who renewed during Thanksgiving told me she received a lease renewal where a month to month renewal cost less than a 12 month lease ! Why would they do this & what should I be aware / wary of?

Thank you for your time & advice. Much appreciated.