My question involves a person located in the state of: Illinois
I was wondering what would be the best route to go if you wanted to help a disabled person with legal matters, financial, medical care but not all decision making. I'm helping a 26 year old who is intellectually disabled but I feel is fairly high functioning. He has been married and has a son. He's held a job but does need extra support understanding how to do a job. I've read about a form of guardianship called SDM(supported decision making). I feel becoming his guardian would take away too many of his rights and may negatively affect things he'd like to pursue in the future. The biggest one being regaining custody of his son from a legal guardian. Is SDM a legally acknowledged form of guardianship that we can get through the courts. Hes involved in a very messy legal situation and he needs someone who can speak for him and be with him to help understand what's going on. Right now I'm just like his 2nd Mom. Any direction would be appreciated.