Driving along state highway in massachusetts minding my own business and some knuckleheads chuck something out their window that strikes my car and leaves some whitish sticky shit on windshield and driver side panels. They proceed to flip me off and laugh as we both pull up to a light. As they sped away I got their plate and took pulled over to take pictures of the sticky shit before I cleaned it off. I filed a police report.

Any possibility I can get them to pay for cleaning and hit em with some sort of misdemeanor that leads to a misdemeanor compromise
Where they pay for a nice cleaning (I have a luxury sports car)? They arenít that young, so Iím not up for being lenient towards some immature dudes who need to grow up. I havenít seen my car in daylight yet, so I plan to get it cleaned and give it a look over to make sure there isnít any paint issue and/or dents. This happened tonight.