My question involves estate proceedings in the state of: GA

My father died in 2011 and left me as executor of the will. There were two wills, one split the estate 50/50 between me and my sister, and the other 70/30. The later will was signed after the other one so would be the one in effect. We have an estranged brother that we have not seen or heard from in over 30 years and he was not included in the will. All that is left of the the estate is the house, no mortgage but with an IRS tax lien. There may be some medical bills owing. Legal title to the house is only in my father's name.

After my father died, my mother moved into the home against my sister's wishes. My sister has been trying to get her to move and come and live with her for years and my mother will not budge. My sister and her husband had a failed business and are now wanting to file bankruptcy. She was told by several bankruptcy attorneys that the Trustee will take the home and sell it and displace my mother. She has been on me for years to sell the home and distribute the inheritance but I obviously wanted to let our mother continue living there. Now my sister is threatening to sue me for lost income (rents) and emotional distress. I think that we can work this out somehow if I buy her out of her share the house but since she needs to file bankruptcy right away, we need to avoid the Trustee taking and selling the house. Since I do intend to buy her out, I could front her a little bit of the money to get some of the creditors off her back for a while but is there anyway we can sell or transfer interest in the property for money before it goes through probate? She offered to quitclaim the deed to me in lieu of a payment but I don't think she can do that if she doesn't own the property.

Any advice on how to get this done quickly so that she can file bankruptcy and I can keep the property and not have our mother displaced?