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    Default Re: Are Attorney's Required to Provide Billing Statements on Flat Fee Payments

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    I haven't read that many retainer agreements to say if this is standard or not but it seems straight forward.

    If you think the attorney didn't do what he was hired to do, ask for a copy of your file in a letter. You are entitled to that.
    ok will do. Does an email suffice or do you mean certified letter?

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    Default Re: Are Attorney's Required to Provide Billing Statements on Flat Fee Payments

    I would send a first class letter to start with and see if you get a response. Then you can follow up with an email if you get no response. If that doesn't work, you can send certified letter demanding the copy. But you may be charged for the copy.

    Also understand that what you get may not be the entire file. The requirements under the case law and ethics rules depend on the facts of the case and in some circumstances, a court has to rule what will be turned over.

    This from the FL bar:

    10 Basic Rights
    When I retain a lawyer, I am entitled to one who:
    1.WILL be capable of handling my case.
    2.WILL represent me zealously and seek any lawful means to present or defend my case.
    3.WILL preserve my confidences, secrets or statements which I reveal in the course of our relationship.
    4.WILL give me the right to make the ultimate decision on the objectives to be pursued in my case.
    5.WILL charge me a reasonable fee and tell me, in advance of being hired and upon my request, the basis of that fee.
    6.WILL show me courtesy and consideration at all times.
    7.WILL exercise independent professional judgment in my behalf, free from compromising influences.
    8.WILL inform me periodically about the status of my case and, at my request, give me copies of documents prepared.
    9.WILL exhibit the highest degree of ethical conduct.
    10.WILL refer me to other legal counsel, if he or she cannot properly represent me.

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