My question involves marriage law for the State of: ARIZONE

Im a united states citizen. Last year me and my Fiance met while she was here studying in college.

She went home in January 2019 and I went with her to her country (GUYANA). We came back to United States together in August 2019 (She got a visitors visa good for 10 years).

With her visitors visa she can only stay for 6 months within one year. So her 6 months will be ending at the end of January 2020.

She got pregnant with my baby and is about 15 weeks. (Our delivery due date is June 6th, 2020).

We are planning to get married this month in the court (maybe next week?) What will we need to do so she can stay here ? Will she get deported? I want her to live here in the country with me. What do we need to do? Do we have enough time?

Also, if we get married. We will need to start the process for adjustment of status.. if her visa expires before its completed, what should we do?