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I believe we will just move this stuff into the dining area. I really don't like to do this because then my daughter, who is only 3, goes and gets all of the toys out at once and makes a mess in the rest of the house. I really don't see what the issue here is. It is a room we do not use. We are paying to rent the space. It helps keep the rest of the house in order.

But like I mentioned, some of this was in the dining area before and she complained. If I move these things into the dining area where there are no windows, and it really cannot be claimed it is a safety issue, and she continues to complain about clutter, then it is fair to say she is just nitpicking, correct? If you have a landlord that is nitpicking and trying to control you in this way, what are your options? We really don't want to move until we are able to buy our own house.
You tell her that you had the items stored in the guest room and she decided that was a hazard so you had no choice but to move them back to the dining room.

However, you do have the option of moving just some items to the dining room and leaving the rest in the guest room.