My question relates to legal practice in the state of: Texas

I was looking for books which compare and contrast the similarities and difference between the American and British legal systems, such as the law itself, the practice of law, and the civil and criminal court processes.

I have the book "The Common Law" by Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr, and find that the history and philosophy of the law is fascinating.

I also find that many people are ignorant of the law (e.x. the basics of how the law works, the court processes, etc), and that much of this misinformation comes from mass media, such as social media, television and court or crime-related TV shows rather than actual books or education on the subject. (e.x. Many in the US don't know the difference between state or federal law, or "international law" in theory or practice, what their basic rights are under the law, and so-forth, or have archaic ideas about what the law is, how it works, the philosophy behind it, and so on - such as someone conflating the UN's declaration with "human rights" with basic civil or Constitutional rights under the law in America). Not to mention, some books which outline the processes of actually changing the law, to give a better insight into how men and women who work in a legal profession, whether lawyers, judges, or legislators actually do, as well as an example of effective legal and political activism, as opposed to "slacktivism" or childish proposals about the law which have no chance of happening in the real world, and are typically just fodder for sensationalist media headlines which seem more designed to attract attention or "sell" to people using exaggerated or sensationalist claims rather than be honest or informative.

As an example, I read a sensationalist news article the other day claiming that "self-defense is now illegal in the UK", and it turns out this isn't true (I'm not an expert on UK law, but my understanding is that "self-defense" is not illegal, but using a weapon in self-defense is).

I'm also aware that the UK does not have its law organized into a single "code" as the US law does - so if someone could provide resources which give a concise way of reading about the UK law, and comparing it to that of the US, as well as how government in the UK functions in comparison to that of the US, I would appreciate this.

Thank you very much for your time. - Sam