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    Default Re: Books Which Compare USA and UK Legal Systems

    I doubt you are going to fund court transcripts for free fro any state.

    You can find decisions here.

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    Default Re: Books Which Compare USA and UK Legal Systems

    I appreciate the info.

    Any good books on criminal investigation practice (e.x. rules and procedures of gathering evidence for a criminal case or lawsuit)?

    I'm aware that most "TV shows" like CSI, Law and Order don't give an accurate representation and I've heard they potentially lead to public ignorance or misinformation, so I was wondering if any books that describe it in more accurate detail are available, thanks.

    (For example, I heard that due to shows like CSI, more jurists have been finding defendants "not guilty" on the basis of lack of "forensic evidence", even though that isn't the sole or only way that evidence and guilt is determined in actual courts.

    I'm also aware that in some cases, such as determining "pornography", there is no exact "science" or "forensic" evidence used for this determination, and that judges rely on experience or precedents for determining this, thanks.

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    Default Re: Books Which Compare USA and UK Legal Systems

    Have you considered visiting a law library?

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