Hello people (I'm sorry in case of English failures),

On July 31th, then I started another semester at Palm Beach State College which I did the process by a payment plan, through the college site. Although the access was made through the college's website, the payment plan was under the Nelnet institution. I did it in my name and registered for automatic payment through my bank account. The automatic withdrawal would then be done every 20th of each month.

At the end of September this year, then, for various reasons that are not relevant for saying here (at least I think), I left the US and returned to Brazil. But before I do that, I decided to leave the college, cancel through the college website on September 24th. My money has been withdrawn automatically. I asked for this month's refund because I went to classes until the 18th (on September 20th I didn't go because the bus didn't pass and that's the reason, since I didn't have money for Uber), as the classes were Monday and Wednesday. By college, it would be a bureaucratic process, and possibly would not accepted (besides waiting several weeks waiting for the response), something I wouldn't do because I couldn't continue living there, with a severe depression for several reasons. Faced with this reality, and after checking to a website (government related) that provides advice on issues related to this, I contacted my bank and talked about this unauthorized withdrawal. After a few days, I got my money back and I was informed that my bank contacted the college and it agreed to making a refund. Interestingly, I found nothing related to the cancellation by the Nelnet payment plan website, where my previous payments were registered. And indeed I didn't find anything for I could cancel on the Nelnet payment plan site.

Next month, already in Brazil (October), I received a charge from Nelnet, as if I was still living in US and going to classes. First I contacted the college, then they said that this case would be solved with the institution (the Nelnet)

Contacting Nelnet, I filed a complaint about. After many annoyances and more few weeks, because they apparently did not understand my problem (first they said that I wasn't registered on their website), they said the following:

“Hi, thanks for the email,

You have a remaining payment balance of US$ 333 and you are responsible for making the remaining payment. Your tuition has already been fully paid for a school. To request more information about your payment plan policy, you can call Nelnet Campus Commerce at [...] to speak with a person to help.

Thank you for contacting Nelnet Campus Commerce

So I found it all weird, so I asked them about what part of the contract I had to pay for the entire annuity, even though I didn't go to classes anymore. They then answered:

"Thank you for reaching out.

After a certain point, we are showing the remaining balance was paid by Nelnet to your school. This caused the remaining US$333.00 to be owed to us rather than to your school. Due to this, I would advise to have you pay this remaining balance when possible and discuss any sort of refunds owed with your school.

I show any updates/decreases to your payment plan balance would have needed to have been completed by 9/24/2019. I am showing this could be why the payment plan balance was not updated when you dropped the classes. I hope this information helps.

If you have other questions, please contact us by phone [...].

Thank you for contacting Nelnet. [...] ”

That said, so I ended up creating a contraption, and worse, I don't remember reading anything about it when I entered the plan (now I checked their terms of use and didn't find anything), or exactly how it worked. I also found it weird because this balance refers to two months, and in theory my classes would be until December. If the college had agreed with the bank and returned it to me, why is the institution related to the plan charging me now? Although they are separate institutions, they were related in some way to this payment plan. I thought leaving school was enough to avoid future charges and problems for them, as is usually the case with other types of payments that I know.

Neither my mother nor I have any conditions to pay this remaining payment (even more now with the Brazilian Real more and more devaluated). I am now in Brazil and, given that I have to finish my degree, there is no expectation for returning to US for now. When I was living in Florida, I was a permanent resident, living with my father and stepmother (de jure I was as dependent on her until I became independent but I don't know if this is relevant) although under this circumstance my father did not want to pay for my school, so my own mother had to pay for it in the previous months.

Since I don't want to get any default status or cause further problems, I think maybe I should contact my stepmother and talk about it seriously.

What do you advise to do? Did I do something wrong? Well, I find weird I having to pay for something that I'm not using but maybe I'm wrong in this case. Then I made a student loan just because I couldn't pay for the full tuition?

Thanks for attention