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    Default Emancipation Of A 19-Year-Old

    New York. I am currently paying child support for my 19 year old daughter. Her mother and I were never married. I recently found out that my daughter is almost 6 months pregnant and living with her boyfriend, the father of her baby. My daughter is currently attending college full time but she won't be going back next semester when she has the baby. She is not working at all but her boyfriend is. My question is should I still be paying child support to her mother when my daughter doesn't live with her mother. Also my daughter is receiving WIC. I'm sure she didn't claim that she is receiving child support when she filed for WIC. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Emancipation of 19-Year-Old

    you will have to go to court to request a modification in the child support. I'm not sure if you can do it now or if you have to wait until she actually leaves college. Until to court grants a change in the support amount, you must still pay.
    As far as WIC: The income guidelines are quite high for WIC (not like food stamps or AFDC) but that doesn't matter in this case because child support is paid to the custodial parent, not to the child. That is not her income so she shouldn't have to mention it. The only monies she should have to mention is any income she is receiving directly (income from a job, social security, etc) or any household income (such as the boyfriends job).

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    Default Re: Emancipation Of A 19-Year-Old

    Went down to file for modification for child support this morning. Wondering if any senior members have any advice as to what to expect.

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