My question involves child support in the state of: NJ, PA

Hi, not sure if this question belongs here or in the Children section but here goes.

My wife was previously married in NJ. We live just across the border now, in PA. Her divorce agreement stipulated monthly child support payments for her then 12-year-old daughter, who chose to stay in NJ with her father so she wouldn't have to change schools. We had shared custody.

Her daughter turned 18 back in March and graduated high school this past June. In Sept, my wife's ex passed away. Her daughter still lives in her father's home (which is hers now, with her older sister, who is 29) and attends community college full-time while working.

My wife feels she is still obligated to pay the child support, even though the 'child' in this case is over 18, lives in her own home now (one of two properties left to the girls by their father, among other assets), and works. My wife said it's some NJ law. It seems the divorce decree may now be invalid, since her ex has passed, and it seems like her daughter is now emancipated and an adult, so I'm not so sure.

Any opinions on this? Thanks in advance for any help!