My question involves civil rights in the State of: California

I visited Los Angeles to do a street preaching excursion and I was detained across the street of Lynwood women's jail for video recording the back entrance of the jail facility on Mona Blvd August 23, 2019 4PM PST. I was street preaching and protesting (I was also outside the LASD STAR Academy in Whittier, CA earlier in the day street preaching and holding Jesus Christ Saves sign). 5 LA County Sheriff Deputies approached me and demanded ID. I said I'm not giving my ID because I didn't break the law. I cite 148.G of the California penal code that I can record public officials in the full capacity of their duties and anything in public on a public sidewalk. The Deputy tells me that my activity is suspicious and there was a sniper incident where Deputy was alleged shot in Lancaster, CA (100 miles North from Lynwood, CA) 2 days earlier and every station is on high alert for active sniper. I told the Deputy I'm street preaching, recording B roll footage. I also told him I was street preaching outside LASD STAR Academy in Whittier, CA and video recorded my interactions with uniformed and off duty Deputies that talked to me about my street preaching. The Deputy said "you're not being honest, you're hiding something, I want to see your ID". I said "I'm only going to give you my first name because I didn't break the law". The Deputy looks at my street preaching sign leaned on the wall, my backpack, amplified PA, microphone, my tripod with camera mounted, and brown KJV bible sorted o the dirt area off the sidewalk. He tells me "that's litter, now I'm detaining you for littering, give me your ID". I ask for a Supervisor, the other Deputies said the two striped Deputy that is detaining me is the Supervisor at the scene. I ask for a Lieutenant or Sergeant. The Deputy tells me if I get a Supervisor out here, I have to cite you for littering. I give my ID and tell them "I giving you my ID out of duress". He runs my information. I get my ID back and I still request for a supervisor because I felt unlawfully detained. He holds a citation book in his hand and says "do you want to a citation, do you want a citation because I can give you one for holding me up, He gives me a lawful order to leave the area or I'll be arrested.

I call the Century station, talked to the Watch Commander, told him the incident and asked if the Deputy violated LASD polices on false detainment and harassment. Days later, Assistant Sheriff Commander Robin Limon said to press that the sniper incident was a hoax and the Deputy involved is Angel Reinosa who is relieved of duty as of today. I call the LASD Century station to file a complaint, I make a DVD of all my video recording including my 20 min sermon (30 minutes before being detained), my B roll footage across the street of the Lynwood jail, my sermon outside of STAR Academy, and other footage (street preaching outside Spearmint Rhinos strip club in Rialto, CA later that night, street preaching outside Cheetah's and Hustler in Las Vegas, NV the next night, and still photos of my street preaching equipment the Deputy called litter). Watch Commander reviewed all my evidence and I received a letter 2 months later that the Deputy violated LASD policies and will be disciplined. The LASD bill of rights refuses to share the disciplinary actions on the Deputy.

I felt my rights been violated and the Tom Bane Act of California, 4th Amendment are grounds of wanting a lawsuit against the Los Angeles Sheriff Deputies that detained me. I was harassed for doing a lawful activity, falsely detained for littering to be identified, threats and intimidation not allowing a Supervisor to come out to the incident, and given a lawful order to leave the area. The Watch Commander offered a conflict resolution but I rejected because the DVD is self-explanatory why I was protesting/street preaching outside the Lynwood jail facility. I called law firms in Los Angeles and none want to represent me because the incident isn't police brutality. I go to my local law libraries back in the Bay Area and signed up for free legal counsel and the lawyer only gave me basic information to file a government code against the party I'm suing (Los Angeles County and Los Angeles County Sheriff Dept)

Where do I start to file a lawsuit and the amount I'm suing for? The complaint is the structure of the lawsuit but I have no legal assistance to help me formulate the complaint