My question involves restraining orders in the State of: Illinois
I have a plenary order of protection that lists protected parties as my ex and my 4 year old. On this plenary order the judge allowed supervised visits sun. & wed at specific times as well as video chat. Since this order was signed my ex abandoned my son at her parents. Her mother became his legal guardian through the courts. I have been requesting to see my son on the court ordered times but have been denied. Now his guardian has changed my visits from wed&sun. to only saturdays. She did not do this through the courts. She tells me now that as his legal guardian she has the authority to change visiting days and times without court involvement.

My question is does a legal guardian have the authority to overrule a judges order for visitation in any way? Doesn't her guardianship simply mean that she is now the one responsible for following the judges order as written instead of my ex?
Thank you!