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    carl, even in your statement it’s not that a third party simply made a statement and it became known by the protected party. It is the court believing the restrained party was behind it. I don’t disagree with that statement.
    But, if the defendant HAD been venting and not intended the statements and images to get to their ex, it had the same effect. The point being that even if there is no intent, the actions can lead to strings that can be tied together to imply intent.

    This guy was a real piece of work, though. He was a narcissist who would push the boundaries on everything. He once threatened me and my entire family in a manner leaving me without a darn thing I could legally do about except get him banned from school property where his kids went to school with mine, and where my wife worked ... I had pull with the school district AND he had already caused problems there. He was also the reason I started carrying off duty even in my hometown.

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    I think it depends on your state and judges, honestly. My ex has a DVPO and he drove up to me in a parking lot, rolled down his window, and his girlfriend started screaming out the window at me. When I reported it, I was told that HE didn't do anything wrong. He didn't speak to me, she did. I asked about him being the driver, driving in front of where I was walking, and rolling the window down for her to yell at me, and the response was, there's no proof he told her to yell and he was leaving the parking lot, so he was moving away from me. Unless the girlfriend would say that he told her to do it, they couldn't do anything.

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    I just want to sincerely thank all of you for your input on this. It gave me valuable info! I really believe the violations for a Facebook friends request is ridiculous and we Hope to get that dismissed. This has been a nightmare. I've been trying to help this young man who also has a cognitive disability and I know zero about the legal system and frankly Illinois doesnt have a stellar record for fathers rights. He's been taken advantage, tricked, used and doesn't have any money or assets to get a lawyer. So this is such a wonderful resource to ask questions and I appreciate all the time you each took to answer!

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