My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: NY

What recourse do I have if a tree removal comany removed the wrong tree? They were hired to remove dead trees and dead saplings, but took down a 40 year old flowering tree. It is a common wild tree, but we loved watching it bloom each year.

I know it can be hard to tell if a tree is dead in winter since there are no leaves, but this tree had many seed pods from this year hanging on it which should have been a sign it was recently alive, and not intended for removal as a dead plant.

The dead trees/saplings that were supposed to come down all had easily visible evidence that they were dead--mushrooms, missing bark, insect holes... the trees were also much larger than the one they killed (and marked w spray paint), and the saplings were small enough to wrap your fingers around.

The 40 year old tree was narrow for its age but definitely not small enough to be a sapling.