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    Question I Don't Know What My Options Are and

    My question involves child abuse or neglect in the State of: Texas

    When I was 14, IN OREGON 2017 cps finally took a look at my case, 17+ calls about child abuse neglect, drinking, parties all that. My mother did a lot of messed up things, but Her brain doesn't work like everyone else,( Adhd, Bi polar, Extreme PTSD, fetal drug syndrome) all un medicated, well not properly anyways, she should have never been able to "raise" kids. My brother left the house from all the emotional, mental, and sometimes physical abuse, he was 16 the first time. But moving on, my mother freaked out and sent me down to Texas to stay wit some people for a few months while she figured stuff out. Before I left the lady said they were defiantly taking me away from my mother, but since I left state....they couldn't do anything. After 4 months my mother came down promising a whole new life (like always) but nothing changed, I got a job so we could get the house, her "Family" we were staying with were getting pissed off by her. Eventually we got a place, I helped pay for. My mother quite the job because she didn't like the people and I was forced to by her. My mother didn't have a job that lasted more then a month for almost a year, and then finally she had no job at all. No money, barely any food. Shes just doing drugs and drinking and yelling at me. I started doing somethings to myself that weren't good. anyways. Lets go back to 5 months ago, Me and my mother were super bad, she started hitting me, screaming even more over nothing, drugs constant, stealing my meds, not getting out of bed. Somehow by the grace of god, she sent me to the people I lived with before. And I refused to come back home. It was still summer so it was okay. But I told her if I stepped back into that house I was going to kill myself, well try again. And folks, my mom does love me, she just was never taught how to do that. But here's what's going on now. I live with those people still I have to spend some weekends and breaks with my mother tho, they only have educational rights towards me, but they want to adopt me, I want them too, but my mother refuses to talk about that. not because she doesn't think it will be better for me but because it makes her seem like a "failure". So they mentioned me getting emaciated then just living with them, in which I could, I just wish I could've had the chance to be a kid you know. Do I need to involve CPS again, if my mother wont voluntarily sign away her rights? Can I be emaciated but still live with people?...IDK...Im just lost and I really would like some help. Im 16 BTW. Sorry its so long.

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    Default Re: I Don't Know What My Options Are and

    You may have some difficulties with the statutory requirements. Read the emancipation statute.

    I don't know if you'd have better luck in Oregon. Scroll down and read 419B.550 through 558.

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    Default Re: I Don't Know What My Options Are and

    Emaciated is what happens when you lose too much weight. You mean emancipated, and no, you're not going to be emancipated, honey; that's just not in the cards. You don't meet the requirements and really, emancipation is not for teens to get out of unpleasant situations; it's for teens who are ALREADY living on their own, managing all their own financial affairs and who need legal adult status to be able to sign rental contracts and pay the light bill.

    It couldn't hurt for the folks you're staying with to have a talk with the CPS folks.

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    Default Re: I Don't Know What My Options Are and

    since your host family has been given some apparent legal authority regarding your education, I can only guess that your mother has given that authority. If that is the case, attempting to remove yourself from your mothers authority could have some negative results, such as rescission of that permission and demanding you return to your mothers home. If you involve cps, unless they determine there is a reason to remove you from your mothers custody, they won’t. Involving cps May backfire on you unless there is true abuse or neglect present where cps would remove you from your mothers custody. Even if they decide to remove you, since they haven’t been involved (at least you’ve not stated Texas cps has been involved), they may not take any immediate action which could result being with your mother until they have seen enough neglect or abuse to act.

    im not trying to talk you out of involving cps. Nobody here has any real knowledge of the situation so it’s difficult to give any direction. You need to take all facts and conditions into consideration before you take a step that cannot be undone.

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