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Perhaps you have overlooked the fact that according to the OP the two counties are in the same Judicial Circuit of which there is but one Circuit Solicitor. Being such it might be that one hand is not aware of what the other is doing.

And since both "hands" or deputy solicitors function under the auspices and at the pleasure of the same Circuit Solicitor it is that person that the boy's attorney needs to seduce not a judge.
. I didn’t overlook that there are two different prosecutors involved and a prosecutor moves at their own pace. In the end it is irrelevant. There is no obligation prosecutions of different unassociated crimes be undertaken at the same time. Given there would be two totally unique sets of evidence, prosecuting multiple separate crimes would simply bring confusion to the courtroom. While the threat of prosecution of a second crime can and has been used to urge a defendant to enter into a plea bargain involving both crimes, it would appear the prosecutors involved didn’t wish to work these cases in that manner. There is nothing illegal or even improper in doing it the way it was done. If the Circuit Solicitor didn’t wish to somehow link the cases, he isn’t obligated to. He apparently allowed each deputy solicitor to prosecute their cases as they chose.

It would also appear the second prosecutors case was not ready at the time the first case was tried.

I’m simply not seeing a problem with the scenario described.

and I’m a bit confused with your use of [sic] associated with my use of the term “da”(short for district attorney). District attorney is commonly used to refer to a prosecutor, prosecuting attorney, states attorney, solicitor, or any other entity whose function is to file charges and prosecute cases on behalf of the state. Obviously you understood my use of the term.