My question involves real estate located in the State of: WA

My issue is complicated but I'll do the best to simplify it. I purchased my mothers home but she ended up having a massive stroke and brain aneurysm. She recovered some, but is fully disabled (can't walk) but she gets around with a wheel chair and uses a computer, writes emails, etc. Anyway, the transaction was done before her medical problems, and the deed was transferred after using a Power of Attorney. My mother signed off on the PoA, fully coherent and under no duress with a notary public present so that I would assume her assets but let her live and stay in her own house with full time care (I was the one taking care of her). This was all fine and well, I registered the PoA and Quitclaim with the state Recorder and assumed all was legal.

Now, I have a mentally ill brother who has always lived his our mother and he went absolutely insane over this, tried to kill me, my sister, my aunt and my mother! Most charges were dropped but my aunt wouldn't back down. Eventually he moves back into the house with just my mother, myself, and my brother. My brother ends up calling the police about a dozen times over petty little things demanding I be arrested. The police mostly ignored him, but were giving him advice on how to have me arrested if "whatever" happens again. So, the whatever incident happens, the police come out, I'm handcuffed and arrested for assault because while I was vacuuming, the phone rang, and my mother couldn't hear the phone, and so my brother leaped at me and I pushed him out of my way because I had absolutely no idea what he was doing. Then he immediately calls 911 and said I attacked him, and of course, my mother backed up his story, and off I go to jail for assault charges, not only from my brother, but my own mother, who was only a witness, but she did not understand the incident.

I end up in jail for a very very very long time. During this time, the PoA is revoked, all my finances are drained, my sister stole about 100K out of my brothers Social Security Savings (which my sister and mother were joint account holders). My mother didn't want to deal with it. And, my sister drained the $350,000 I gave to my mother for the house. So all this money is now gone and I find this out in jail. I have zero support, my state appointed attorney told me she didn't believe anything I said and called me a liar and said I couldn't fire her because she was the only attorney for this area who could represent me. So I'm stuck. Months go by. I keep finding more and more things out. Like how my sister and brother had been writing the judge and prosecuting attorney, using every tactic to demand that I'm put in prison for life. In the end and after 6 months of jail (the judge yelled and screamed at me for all the unkind things my brother said I had done to him and my mother that were not true) and imposed some pretty stiff penalties and requirements.

In the end, I get handed down a permanent restraining order, am never allowed to contact my brother or mother again, go within 1000 feet of them, and I can't go back to my own house because that's where the both of them live. I was literally screwed.

Then, comes the reversal of the Quitclaim. My sister hired an attorney who got to have his way in court because I was no longer anywhere near the state of Washington. I left that life behind. The attorney won a default judgement because I never knew about it, couldn't be reached, couldn't be found they claim (though my sister and family have my email, phone number, facebook, linkedin, etc, etc). The attorney representing my mother claimed I forced my mother under duress to sign over the PoA and house (yet a notary was present) and also argued squatters rights to get the house back. So, it is over turned, the Quitclaim deed is reversed and I lose the house.

Do I have any legal recourse? Is there a time frame? Should I contact the notary who was present to see if I can get a letter from her because clearly she would not have had this done if she felt there was any wrongdoing, duress, etc, etc. Or am I just screwed and should I just give up on it all? It is a complicated mess that was all over money and my greedy sister and crazy clinically schizophrenic brother.