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    Default Re: Medical Malpractices by Way of State Mandated Medical Treatment

    How do you operate your business if you are disabled? Operating a business tends to prove you are not disabled such that you would qualify for disability benefits.

    You have caused your own problem by wanting to argue religious exemption (exemption from what you have not stated and that does make a huge difference in whether a religious exemption might be allowed) now but don’t want to claim if it applied before. What changed such that it wouldn’t be applicable before and if it was applicable before, why did you never object to whatever you are seeking an exemption from based on your religious beliefs regardless of whether you were aware of religious exemptions? A devout person doesn’t make a claim only if they believe it provides them relief of,some sort. They refuse whatever based on their religious beliefs and then if negative action is taken, they contest the action seeking a religious exemption.

    Truly devout people decide based upon their religious beliefs regardless of the result. You seem to have not had a problem with anything before you learned of a possible religious exemption but suddenly now want to stand behind your religion to argue your point. It doesn’t work like that.

    One very important issue you didn’t address here is how does your devotion to your religion actually affect your case? There has to be some issue addressed by your religion that would allow you to seek exemption of a specific requirement of the law. You haven’t given any reason your religion would protect you from any given requirement of the state. You don’t get to just throw out the religion card and expect to be given a free pass on everything.

    an example of a religious exemption would be where your religion prohibited certain medical treatments (example: some religions prohibit blood transfusions so you could claim an exemption based on your treatment involving blood transfusions) If your religion prohibited medical treatment of some sort but you received some such treatments and refused other similar treatments, you lost the argument because you subjected yourself to the treatments disregarding the tenets of your religion, some of the time, especially if you didn’t bring up the issue at the time of the treatment. That shows a lack of devotion required to claim the exemption.

    oh, and this has nothing to do with medical malpractice.

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