My question involves court procedures for the state of: New york


My name is Joe and I'm an MBA student in the university of British Colombia in Vancouver, Canada.

One of the courses in our Syllabus regards American Law. In part of the appellants lesson, each one of the students got to analyze an appellant case in different state.

I received an appellant case that focuses on a conflict between business partners at New York city. The appellant is filed to the first department in the New York Supreme Court Appellant Division.

I found a lot of general information regarding the first department, but I'm not quite sure that I fully understand the process that the appeal is going through.

Our professor encourages us to contact Pro Bono assistant or legal forums if we have any questions so that's why I'm here.

To my understanding, each appeal is reviewed by a forum of 4-5 justices that discussed and decided if the appeal shall be granted.
I couldn't understand if there is only one justice that is in charge of the case and solely handles the appeal material, or all of the justices studying the case independently.
In addition, I found some information regarding judicial law clerks. The information stated that most of the work is done by the justice's clerks, whom give their summary and recommendations of the case to the relevant justice.

All together - the appeal is first transferred to the forum, each justice's law clerk studies the case and gives his summary and recommendations, finally the justices decide based on the clerk's recommendations and their knowledge.

Did I understand correctly or is the process is different?

Any help will be much appreciated!