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    Default Taking Applications Online

    My question involves labor and employment law for all states:

    I'm in the process of creating a website that allows small businesses to post and advertise their job applications for a lower cost than other job search websites. When businesses post an application, applicants will be able to fill out the applications on the website. Businesses will be able to see all the responses to their applications from their business profile. What kinds of legal grounds do I need to cover other than basic terms of service and privacy policy?

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    What you're legally allowed to ask applicants varies by state. For example, while some states allow you to ask about criminal records, others prefer you limit the wording of those questions, and still others don't allow those questions at all. And while most states are OK with you asking for applicants' birthdates, many (and perhaps all) will get their knickers in a twist if your member businesses start screening out candidates who are over the age of 40. You can't rely on your member businesses to post legally-sound application forms, 'cause if the states become mad at your members, they can be just as mad at you (meaning you'll end up with the same liability).

    These are just examples of the legal doo-doo you can get into if your member businesses' applications run afoul of state law. To get a fuller picture, you'll have to examine each state's law and recommendations around application forms. This is simply too big of a job for volunteers on an internet website like this one. You need to hire the services of an experienced employment law attorney to help you wade through the mess.

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    Your question is a direct request for legal advice. Please review the Notice at the bottom of every page at this site:

    "Notice: Information provided in the forum is not intended to substitute for professional advice, including but not limited to professional legal advice. If you submit a question or comment it is assumed that you are interested in soliciting, receiving or giving general information and not legal advice. Laws vary by state, and the laws described in this forum may be different in your state or may have been changed since the information was posted. The legal help offered in this forum comes from volunteers who may not have any formal legal training or knowledge, and all information should be confirmed with a qualified legal professional. All information is made available on an "as is" basis. You should accept legal advice only from a licensed legal professional with whom you have an attorney-client relationship. Use of this forum is subject to the ExpertLaw terms of use."

    You would be foolish to pursue this without obtaining appropriate legal advice.

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