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    Default Paypal Making Me Lie to Login, Commit Identity Fraud

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: The World.
    For the last week when I login to Paypal I receive a screen telling me they didn't recognize a recent login and want to be sure this is you. The details on the screen are not me. The details are always the same. Same date, no name, same location. Somebody in Rio Janciro, BR. I live in Leawood, KS. The screen gives me two options; yes or no. I reply no and am prompted to change my password. So I am thinking that is the end of it. Except...

    Each time I have logged to Paypal to this day I get the same screen, same date, same location, same yes or no option. If I say no, I have to change my password. Numerous interactions with both message chat and telephone paypal customer service finally resulted in a phone person telling me to take the yes option. When I take the yes option using a browser on my PC I am logged in and can access my account. When I take the yes option, using the phone app I am required to enter ID and password, because the app begins with pin. In each case I have to lie to access my account.

    My Paypal account had a link to one of my bank accounts, usually about $10,000 and a credit card with a credit limit of $20,000. Naturally, I have deleted the links. Paypal has effectively made me commit identity fraud to access my account. As well as let an individual in Rio Janciro, BR use the account.

    Cause for action? Thanks

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    Default Re: Paypal Making Me Lie to Login, Commit Identity Fraud

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    Cause for action?
    I don't see any. You haven't committed any kind of fraud, you're just over reacting to the inconvenience.

    You haven't lost any money.

    As long as you have removed your money and credit card information from the account, start another account that you can secure from the getgo.

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    Default Re: Paypal Making Me Lie to Login, Commit Identity Fraud

    How about you sign into your account and change the account information to reflect your current address and change your password?

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