-My question involves criminal law for the state of: Florida
Today I used this Wells Fargo branch that I never used before, we regularly deposit around $5 thousands cash plus some checks,well,today basically the teller told me I was missing $1600 from the total cash amount I wrote in the slip, she sent me the money back for me to recount it and in fact yes we were missing $1600 but I know as a fact we had the full amount,I parked my car went inside.basically the bank manager told me she counted the money from the bank teller drawer and everything was perfect.I requested to see the cameras of her handling the money and she told me there is no cameras on a teller?! she was alone there, lunch time,young woman, what are my actual chances to get my money back?! I mean what kind of investigation can be made if there is no cameras ? this is insane, please help,thanks in advance.
ps.from now on I'LL make sure just to go inside and personal deposit the money,this is sad.