My question involves criminal law for the state of: TN

Court of Criminal Appeals

Issue: Appellate court is delaying handing down a rulings on Appealed case long since docketed with panel assigned

There does not seem to be any "hurry up" or "lazy judge" rule moving for expedient and timely disposition

Good causes for no further delays exist as the current appeal is pre-determinative of two other appeals soon to be docketed.

Their calendar reflects that many other cases docketed after this one appellate case and oral arguments already having been heard, have been disposed of and their calendar is wide open until the end of this year and perhaps into next year although I have no looked.

The appeal awaiting ruling is simple contesting four sentences and convictions already served nearly two years ago for criminal contempt.

No oral arguments have been requested.

How to respectfully move the CCA to hand down a ruling and preferably pronto and what Rule or rules may be on point as none I see seem to address this type of action?