My question relates to legal practice in the state of: GA

I'm representing myself in case because my previous pro bono lawyer withdrew. The case was for a violation of a federal statue by the defendant and the defendant had previously lost at summary judgment for the very same thing in another state. The cases were nearly identical. Former attorney never looked at the previous case and if he had, he would have found evidence of negligence and possible fraud. I brought this up to him after he withdrew and he said that is one of the reasons that he withdrew, because I expected things of him like this.

If a potential client brings you a case such as this, wouldn't you review all the details, including the previous case to see if there are additional claims? He also sat on my case for six months and and filed it the day before the SOL tolled. In fact, defendant tried to dismiss the case using the SOL defense. I had panic attacks because I thought we might lose. Just FYI, I didn't even know that I could get my own pacer account before the attorney withdrew I was so ignorant. Was I expecting to much for free representation? How much leg work do people need to do own their own before even consulting with an attorney?