My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: Washington

on 7-13 I was driving on I-405 in the carpool lane, officer stopped me and said i was going 81mph over 60 mph, I requested for Discovery, and got the Officer report.
My court date is on 11-8.

The report he wrote was very detailed, including:
"I observed the defendant approaching my location, travelling at a visibly high rate of speed in excess of the posted speed limit, I placed the red dot sighting reticle on the defendant's vehicle and obtained a reading of 80mph in a posted 60 mph zone, and at a distance of 1351 feet.

The reading was consistent with my initial estimate, I had a clear and unobstructed view of defendants vehicle and i am 100 percent certain that the reading was obtained from the defendant's vehicle..."

I clearly remembered that I was driving uphill, in the inner lane of the carpool lane ( there are two lanes in carpool) before he stopped me, there was a car on my right side that was even going faster, at least was paralleling with me. After I just hit the top of the hill and started to going down hill and slowing down, the officer stopped me. I am not saying I did or did not speeding when he stopped me. However, how could he see my car at least 1600 feet away, especially I am on the other side of the hill?

I also received that the City of Burien courthouse requests for discovery in the same mail that they mailed me the discovery notes. Since I requested the officer to show up, my case is now moved to Kent, WA. Do i need to send back anything?

Thank you ALL for your help!