My question involves insurance law for the state of: Texas

So I'm kind of curious about this one. Is it legal for a veterinarian to share a pets medical records, even to an insurer without permission? or even for an insurer to contact said vet to obtain them without authorization? It just feels like stuff being done behind my back and I don't exactly like it.

When I initiated my policy, the insurance company did not request any medical history / information. About 8 months pass and I submit my first claim which gets delayed for about 30 days so I call them and ask them what the status of it was and they upfront told me they were calling vets local to me requesting medical history for my pets. I was like, you could have just asked me to submit them and I would have done so. So anyway, a few weeks later I get a letter in the mail telling me all the conditions (which weren't really even confirmed illnesses but only symptoms which were resolved by medication per that visit) my pets were ineligible to be insured for....the current claim however is still pending.

I'm not necessarily trying to hide anything but not sure how I feel about an insurer who's willing to call up every vet in the town requesting information about my pets, its almost like they're looking for reasons to deny coverage.