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    Default Dirty Well Water in Rental - Legal Options

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: PA

    Hello, I live in a multi-unit residential rental. We had a huge rain storm the other day and ever since, the well water has been running a brownish-yellow from all faucets and in the toilet. Happens on both hot and cold so Iím feeling sure itís some kind of issue with the well.

    I took a photo of the yellowish water in the sink. I have also filled 1/4 of a gallon jug with it for testing.

    My question, how should I proceed with landlord? I want the water tested and the problem identified. Can I request a test, at their expense? Can I test the well water on my own and at my expense, and further, if the water is contaminated with bacteria, can I use my test results as the basis of any action against landlord for breach of habitability? I sent the landlord a text message with a photo of the yellow water collected in the sink basin.

    Is it a breach of contract to ask the other tenants if they are having the water problem?

    Iím hoping this is a simple fix, but I cannot live somewhere with questionable water?

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    Default Re: Dirty Well Water in Rental - Legal Options

    You say this has been occurring for a couple of days. Have you tried opening all your taps at once and letting them run for 5 minutes or so? There might just be some sediment in the lines stirred up by the storm that needs to be flushed out.

    Has the landlord responded to your text? You have to give them a chance to remedy it. You need to put the cart back behind the horse about any testing or breaches on the part of the landlord until they've had a chance to investigate and remedy.

    We can't read your lease from here but I seriously doubt it would be a breach of any contract to ask the other tenants if they are having issues. This may help identifying where the root issue lies.

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