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    Default Gal / Attorney Were Once Partners

    My question involves a child custody case from the State of: Virginia

    First Guardian Ad Litem was removed from our custody case for liking Facebook post on one of the parties page. (Conflict of interest?)

    Second Guardian Ad Litem was appointed. This GAL was the employee of the opposing parties attorney for 6 years. He was employed for 2 years of the time his boss was representing the opposing party. He was appointed to GAL a few months after resigning from that firm. (Conflict of interest?)

    I was told that in GAL rules a GAL is not supposed to have worked with either party’s attorney.

    Why do I think and feel the appointment of him to this case was calculated and corrupt.

    The opposing party held office in the county we live for 11 years.

    If I say any thing out of the way the GAL reports it to the county prosecutor if it would be detrimental to me.

    On the other side of this, the niece (his nephew’s child) of the opposing party made a statement of being molested and raped since she was 6. She is now 26 and the rapes are still happening. She is very groomed and loyal to him but is afraid because my children have seen sexual things take place to the point that my kids have tried to do things similar to what their father has done to her. She spoke out to save my children. I provided to GAL with her name and telephone number. He refused to call her. He said it was inappropriate to ask a young lady about her sexual experiences. The time that lapse gave my kids father time to intimidate her. She specifically told me he did and that she was afraid and couldn’t help anymore.

    Their father has sole legal custody.

    *The judge appointed the GAL.
    *I have asked him to remove him and he refused
    *I went to the VA state bar and was told to report the conflict to the judge in my case. I explained to them I did and he was the one who appointed him, their response was that there was nothing that they could do.

    My questions

    *who oversees the GAL rules when they are being violated

    *who is over the judge when conflict/corruption is done such as this

    *i also want to point out that in these years the GAL has never met with me or my children together to observe our relationship and has never did a home visit with me but has with their father.


    Is there any way to resolve this?

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    Default Re: Gal / Attorney Were Once Partners

    Please keep all your discussion in this thread. Your other post has been reported for deletion as a duplicate.

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    Default Re: Gal / Attorney Were Once Partners

    Ok. I was trying to shorten it and didn’t know how to delete original

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