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    The deed restrictions that you posted has to do with structures. You haven't posted anything in the deed that relates to storage of anything on the property. The docks (by your description) are not structures on the land. Therefore, there is no violation of the restrictions.

    I agree with Jack.
    The only real prohibition in the deed is to not place "unsightly" objects on the land. Piers (our docks would qualify) are actually mentioned as something you can put on the land. So the only question is if that convoluted words salad above would preclude us from wintering the docks on the land because he thinks they're "unsightly".

    The land has been used this way for 88 plus years, we're not going away. You don't move in next to a pig farm and complain about the smell.

    My next step is to contact the other remaining landowner wintering his docks on his lakefront lot this winter. We need to be on the same page.

    Thanks to all of you, AJ, bud and bcr. Keep the thread open for updates.

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    Thanks for your input. I wish I could phrase it like that, but my wife wouldn't be happy. I did stake out 4 locations close to the road with "Weeping Willow 4' diameter hole" written on the stake after the demand letter. They are as close to the road and his home beyond as would be legal (outside the right of way). If they did get planted his view of water would be reduced by 75% in two year. Plus side is they'd screen the docks off completely.
    Weeping willows are beautiful but they drop leaves each winter so they're not often used for privacy or windbreaks, hence my recommendation for an evergreen tree species.

    Good luck dealing with the whiner.

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