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    Default AT&T Directv 2 Year Contract

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Iowa

    Hello, I cancelled by Directv service in 8/2018. The next business day they called me and asked how they could earn my business back. They offered $80 off my bill and also offered to upgrade my receivers and NFL Sunday Ticket. I specifically asked if this would put me back in a 2 year contract and was told no. I called to cancel my service again on 10/25 (When my discount was up) and was informed that I was under contract and would have to pay the early termination fee of $240 dollars.

    They stated they sent an email notifying me that I was agreeing to a 2 year deal, however I never verbally agreed to this and I don't recall seeing the agreement on the email.

    I asked DirecTV to review the call as it was supposed to be recorded to see if in fact they informed me that I was agreeing to a 2 year deal. I am still waiting to hear back on that as they said it would take 7 days. Assuming I am correct, that I was never verbally informed and I never verbally agreed to a new 2 year deal, is there anything I can do to get out from my contract?

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    Default Re: AT&T Directv 2 Year Contract

    Why not wait and see what happens when the company gets back to you?

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    Default Re: AT&T Directv 2 Year Contract

    There is a possibility that they had to create a new account since the other was canceled, which might be the reason for a new two year contract??

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