My question involves a child custody case from the State of: Arizona, My husband has been on child support since 2016 for his son who is 11 after we had our daughter. It is stated that he owes back child support close to almost 23,000 dollars. The mother of the child has bounced from state to state pulling the child in and out of schools and his son also attended school and stayed with him when he was residing in Colorado. I guess my question is how can we prove to the state of Arizona that he has supported his child in the years prior too. They are calculating his back pay owed from the time of birth to current. which we are not understanding. Do we do the modification packet and cross our fingers? Can she be penalized for fraud, because this is exactly what this is. She was also receiving benefits from one state and living in another as well. What do we need to do, any information will help at this point. We have four children one together and my three prior to us getting married. We are just trying and wanting to get all or financials in order but this child support is just ridiculous close to 500 coming out every pay period.

Thank you
A Wife Who Needs Answers