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    Default Excessive Force and Police Brutality Chapter 60

    My question involves court procedures for the state of: Kansas
    I can't find a lawyer to take my case so I have questions about what I need to do to file suit. What happened is I got pulled over by the sheriff's and sustained injuries that were severe I spent one week in ICU with two brain bleeds which could not have occurred by falling with no abrasions on my my face only a huge gash. The hospital report claims that the sheriff's said I ran in handcuffs was pushed from behind and slid 10 feet Hit my head on the curb yet there was no road rash. The paramedics gave me katatmine which has a retro gade amnesia affect I don't remember anything. I have called alot of lawers and can't find a lawyer who isn't afraid of Sedgwick county sheriff's so I started researching how to file a civil suit against the sheriff's my hospital bill was $44,000 and that does not include the five broke teeth
    and loss of car. It sounds like I need to file chapter 60 and it cost $188 there's no cap limit on the amount I can sue for but if I make a mistake when I do this and they're going to try to beat me on a technicality. This incident occurred had a quick trip on maize road and Kellogg which I'm having a hard time getting the video surveillance because no lawyer will take the case I'm also having a hard time getting the video from the patrol cars because they told me that even if I subpoena them they don't have to give me the video footage I just have to notify them and they have three days to verified that they've been notified. How do I beat a corrupt system. One lawyer told me that I did file suit against them for violating the freedom information act or try to get a criminal lawyer and get a motion of discovery so that way I can get the video. I want to professional standards to complain and it didn't do any good I even went to the FBI they wanted a hospital report and a police report which you think they could get there the FBI

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    Default Re: Excessive Force and Police Brutality Chapter 60

    I have severe doubts about parts (if not all) of your story. Given the severe injuries, you probably are not in the best place to recall just what happened. You're going to need an expert to take an impassionate, knowledgeable look at the evidence to determine what is possible.

    You need to be talking to an attorney (one that is signed up to represent you, not just someone offering random comments). Despite your spattering of legal terms, it appears you haven't a clue how things work.
    There's no criminal prosecution under the Kansas open records act, though if you have a valid violation, you can recover certain civil penalties. I'm not sure what "chapter 60" you are applying here, but understanding suing the police or other government agencies takes a specific procedure given their qualified immunity.

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