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    Default 2 Dui's in Different States and 2 Driving Licenses

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Oregon. My son got a DUI in Texas several years ago. He moved to Oregon and got another DUI this year. In Oregon he got a hardship license to go back and forth to work. However, he checked to see if he Texas DL was still valid and it is. That is one issue in question...what does he need to do to correct the 2 license issue. The other part is he is relocating to California for work. Can he drive from Oregon to southern California with his hardship license if it is for work? Thanking you in advance for the advice.

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    Default Re: 2 Dui's in Different States and 2 Driving Licenses

    Alas, your "checking" is probably invalid. What is supposed to happen is that when you get a license in the new state, that is reported through the NDR (all 50 states are obliged to comply) to tell the previous state to invalidate your license?

    His problem is more than the alleged "two license" issue. The problem is he must get a California license if he is going to reside there (failure to do so will result in further violations). The problem is that he may find this very difficult if Oregon has marked him ineligible as they should.

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