My question involves personal property located in the State of: Arkansas

My lot is a 1/4 acre square. The front/streetside has a 20' utility easement on it and the rear/back has a 20' utility easement.

Recently, utility contractors drove through both sides of my yard from the street, damaging my yard.

They worked in the rear of the property, damaging it there, too.

My concern isn't with the damage; it is with the contractors trying to tell me they have the right to drive extremely heavy machinery down both sides of my house without permission.

The easements only exist on the rear and front - and no easement exists to allow them to use my property.

There is no right of way on record. My yard is just two strips of 12' lawn on both sides of my house.

How is this not trespassing?

There is also an easement on the property behind mine, running parallel to the easement in my yard.