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    Default Inadmissibility Waiver 212(A)(2)(C)(Ii)

    Unfortunately I was found inadmissibility to the USA after my spouse was charged for drug trafficking in the USA.
    We not are nonimmigrants (Canadians)

    I had no knowledge or part but when I wanted to enter USA to attend his court hearing I was found inadmissible under section 212(a)(2)(c)(ii) .

    This happened more than 7years ago,my spouse did his time and was Rehabilitated.
    We started a fresh new life.

    After 5 years I was able to get approved for an I-192 waiver which is valid for a year.i have to always apply for the waiver. To my understanding.
    I have no criminal record at all.

    Would I be able to ever get this inadmissibility waived,meaning not to apply always for a waiver?

    Is there anY way to get this permanently removed?

    Again this is only for non-immigrant purpose.

    Thank you

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    Default Re: Inadmissibility Waiver 212(A)(2)(C)(Ii)

    No. You are forever barred from the VWP. You'll need to apply for a visa with your periodically obtained waiver.

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