1. Car is born in CA in 2011. It is electronically titled in CA in 2011. Financed through Toyota.
2. Car moved to VA in 2013. It is titled in VA in 2012. Still financed through Toyota.
3. Car is still in VA. Car is titled as out of state in 2012 in CA records. What CA did with title in #1, I do not know.
4. Car moved to CA in 2013. Car is registered as non transferable golden rod(no title) in CA in 2013. Still financed through Toyota.
5. Paid off my loan in 2015. I have lien release from Toyota.

My end goal is to get correct title issued to me. VA is title state. I want it to be in proper status in both VA and CA records. I have spoken to DMVs and Toyota multiple times and no one is offering clear path for me to get title. Will the below plan work?

A. Can and should I get first CA title(issued in 2011) to be transferred to VA? Will I hit any roadblocks in it because car is registered in CA now.
B. VA is asking proof that car is not titled in CA and only registered in CA? Once #1 happens and if I show golden rod registration card to VA, will VA issue my title?
C. Once VA issues my title, I plan to take to CA and get it titled from CA to convert golden rod to regular title.

Is this correct plan? If not, do you have suggestions? What can I do to make A happen? Can I write any letter to CA title department explaining situation? Calling them has been very painful and inefficient.

Sorry. Typo in 2 above.
2. Car moved to VA in 2012(not in 2013). It is titled in VA in 2012. Still financed through Toyota.