My question involves a child custody case from the State of: Delaware. I will try to give as much details as I can without making this a novel. My wife and I are currently separated and have been separated for a year. During our separation I was able to talk to our two children every day and see them four times or five times a week. The only thing that changed in the relationship is that I didnít sleep at our house. We got into an argument where she called 911 to have me removed from the house And claimed that I pushed her. I was arrested and issued a no contact order against her not the children. I reached out to our childrenís daycare provider a month after having no contact with any of them to see if I can visit my children. I was Told that that wasnít in the best interest of the children. My lawyer put a motion to modify my bill because he was a criminal lawyer not a family lawyer. And we were asking to modify the conditions of the no contact order so I could contact my children. Which was a month after I reached out to the day care lady during that session I found out that we could not modify the bell because there were civil cases that were still pending. The next day I was served divorce papers, Child support, And a PFA, etc. thatís when I realized that all this paperwork was put in two days after I contacted the daycare provider for our children. The PFA states that she wants no contact with her our two children in the day care. Fast forward 2 1/2 months to the PFA hearing we settled and there was a court order stating that I would have no contact with her normal PFA language I was there was also a visitation arrangement where I would pick the children up every Tuesday and I would have them every other weekend and I was able to contact her through text message and email about the children. For her to agree on this visitation schedule I had to agree to do two sessions with our childrenís counselor and that the counselor had the authority to change the visitation schedule through written recommendation to the court. I had one session the week after the PFA hearing. Then the counselor went on a three week vacation apparently. We had our second session and I waited two weeks after the second session to contact my wife and tell her that I was moving forward with the visitation because I wanted to spend time with our children. Of course she was upset and all of a sudden now she is readily available to have a text conversation. I informed her that there was no written recommendation that says that I cannot move forward with this visitation from the counselor. And then low and behold the very next day there is an email that goes out to her attorney and my attorney to me and her stating that itís not in the best interest of the children at the time. It has now been 2 1/2 months since the visitation order was put into affect and I have only seen my children 2◊1 hour on both of those times. I believe there is a conflict of interest with my wife and the counselor. I donít know what to do any suggestions would help. Thank you