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    Default Loaner Car, No Signed Agreement

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Connecticut

    I have a loaner car (2102, 99+k miles, fair condition) that was given to me w/o me signing the loaner agreement. The car had water intrusion and now the seatbelt lights won’t go off. They told me to call my insurance and I hate that they’ll have my insurance refurbish what was already a wholesale car at best (dents, dings, scratches, worn interior, etc).

    My car went in for warranty work on a Monday and was supposed to be ready for pick up on Tuesday afternoon. Tuesday afternoon it wasn’t even started and they offered me a beater loaner. It was the end of the day and they filled out a loaner agreement, but never had me sign it. That night a rainstorm hit and water entered the car. Car still runs fine, but seatbelt lights are on and I can’t get them off. I called and told them about the water intrusion and they said not to worry about it as it was a beater, but then the manager later said to call my insurance to fix it.

    I hate like hell to have my insurance fix a beater, have my rates go up, only to have the dealership (Nissan) benefit from a car they have been loaning out for months, reeks of smoke, and wasn’t fit for retail sales even when i got it.

    W/O there being a signed agreement, do I have room to negotiate? I’d rather give them $500 for it and fix myself as opposed to paying a $500 deductible and wrecking my rates! Makes me angry because they should have just had my car (truck actually) fixed on time, as it wouldn’t have been damaged by the water.


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    Default Re: Loaner Car, No Signed Agreement

    You have the option of telling the dealer to call his own insurance company. I don't see this as being your problem. Would have happened while the car was sitting on the dealer's lot.

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    Default Re: Loaner Car, No Signed Agreement

    Was the water intrusion your fault? Did you leave the windows and sunroof open in a rainstorm?

    Alternatively, is the water damage caused by faulty window gaskets that were worn out when you received the car? Or was the car flooded in a flash flood or something?

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