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    Default Uninsured Vehicle Citation and Hearing

    My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: Massachusetts

    This past Friday my car was towed and registration revoked for lapsed insurance of which I was unaware. I immediately reinsured the vehicle that very night, and had everything resolved with the RMV Tuesday morning. Last night I recieved my citation in the mail for criminal offense, which I signed and brought to the clerk at the district court first thing this morning. They did not give me further information as to what will occur now, other than to wait for a hearing notice in the mail.

    I am very worried about what might happen, as this has never happened before and I have done absolutely everything in my power to resolve these issues immediately. Please advise! Is there a chance of my license being revoked, further fines, jail?? Is this hearing going to be criminal, or clerk/magistrate?

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    Default Re: Uninsured Vehicle Citation and Hearing

    First Offense

    A first offense results in a license suspension of 60 days and a fine of not more than $500. You must also make an additional payment of either $500 or pay upfront for one year's insurance coverage for the highest rated territory and class, whichever is greater. The insurance must be comparable to policies offered and in effect at the time of the commission of the offense.

    Good news: No jail.

    Bad news: Lots of $$$$$ go bye bye.

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