My question involves civil rights in the State of: California

I got in trouble with the courts. It's a long story, but the gist is that I yelled at a judge I don't like for valid reasons in emails. I got charged with, "Annoying phone calls" and arrested. There is a lot more to this story, but I'm trying to make it simple. I can share more details if they are desired.

I got a public defender when I was in jail, and I saw a stack of papers; at the top I saw that someone made it look like I had made death threats or something. I hadn't. I presume it was the DA purposefully making me look bad. I didn't threaten the judge as far as I can remember, and I think someone just took things out of context to make me look terrible. It's cheap and dumb, whoever did it. Plus I got a surprise court date, which is a whole other can of worms that pissed me off.

Anyway, because of the out of context slander, the surprise court date with no time to spare, them contacting my mom telling her I sent them very inappropriate emails, etc I was extremely mad at the DA. I shared a story with them... a very true story, about how I was approached by wannabe school shooters when I was in high school. I told them their plan was stupid, and the wannabe school shooters said fine, they'd kill me too. I told the DA that their behavior reminded me of the school shooters... fine, they'll get me too. Which is exactly what they did.

I was given a new lawyer and told I was getting search and seizure put in my record because the whole school shooting was on my mind. It made me dangerous, or something. They're complete retards as far as I can tell. It annoyed me, but I was mad over other issues more at the time, which I'm not sharing to try to keep this more simple.

So time passes, and I keep going to my lame court dates. My understanding of the search and seizure proved to be incorrect. I thought cops would search me if I was pulled over. A cop pulled me over because he thought I was playing a passing game with another car. I hadn't passed anyone, but I did let two cars pass me. I like to drive slow and chill at night in the foothills, and I drive extra slow anytime a car behind me approaches on a passing lane, so they can get by safely. I've had too many close calls with deer to drive like a maniac at night. I don't know why the cop thought I passed cars, but I swore to him I hadn't, and he believed me. He asked me if I had anything in my record when he took my drivers license. I said, "Yes, Search and Seizure" He asked if I had probation. I said I didn't. He said that's the only situation he knows of to have Search and seizure put in my record. He was gone for a while, came back, and said he didn't see search and seizure in my record and let me go.

So I asked my lawyer about it. He said my search and seizure is put in with my protective order the judge placed on me for yelling at the judge I hate. I asked my lawyer for more details, but I haven't gotten any, and he selectively ignores a lot of my questions.

So I'm asking here. What in the world does it even mean? Is this in my record like a never-ending search warrant? Doesn't this violate the constitution big time? The Fourth amendment to be precise. It's like the Sacramento superior court uses the constitution as toilet paper. It's completely unreasonable to suggest that my thinking of being approached to do a school shooting makes me dangerous.

What's worse? They didn't even ask me for names or anything. They didn't do a thing to actually investigate my story. I told the judge two names anyway, but she ignored me as far as I know. Why are the courts so utterly stupid and incompetent?